Can we explore space from our backyard? 

People have always looked toward the heavens and thought about what is up there. The intention of Kronos is to help people realize their dream of space exploration. However up until now, only an select few have realized their dream, if you’re not an astronaut or rocket scientist, your chances of being part of space is just a dream. 

As a child, I was always captivated by the magic of space. From watching the shuttle launch two sci-fi movies, it was the great unknown. With the Kronos I wanted to make space tangible for everyone allowing all of us to become explorers of the final frontier.



How can we get to space? The personal space market is dominated by do it yourselfers. As I interviewed people who sent things into space, they all had one thing in common. They were explorers. In 2009, the first private citizens captured pictures from space. It was two MIT students with their camera connected to a meteorological balloon. Since then, there has been an underground DIY community developing ways to send things to space.

In this DIY community of space explores I was able to interview four different people who have launched 6 times. From these interviews I found the biggest hindrances to more people getting into this hobby are: being able to recover the payload, managing all the different parts needed for space travel, and finally; gondola construction.

"I go to space because I can"  -  Interview 




With Kronos there is a premium put on the ability to capture amazing imagery as it travels to space. I tested this by creating a makeshift wind tunnel to test different iterations without having to send them to space. The final design employs vertical stabilizer to control the direction and stabilize the payload as it travels 120,000m above earth. It is also important that the system is reusable. All the parts are replaceable. Kronos ideating required creating over 20 different gondolas that were tested to understand how to get the smoothest trajectory and best imagery.

"The first time I got to send something up was an exhilarating moment of unknown, mystery and excitement." - Isaac


Kronos - Space in a Box

Kronos is space in a box. Everything you need to capture your imagination, and explore the final frontier from your backyard, is only found at Helium and GoPro. The insulated watertight housing has enough battery power to run the GoPro for 20 hours and the GPS transceiver for 72 hours. You will get your payload back because Kronos is fitted with a Globalstar Modem with Nemerix GPS. The vertical stabilizer enables Kronos to always be pointed into the wind, creating the most constant and stable platform to shoot video. The tail is also designed to be replaceable incase of damage during landing.