Isaac's Identity 


 I was born in a parking lot just days before the first snow.  


When I was younger, I was always very inquisitive. I asked why and how, and took everything apart. I wanted to understand the magic within, and to master that magic myself. Growing up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains I was taught to use ingenuity to make something when something was needed, from tying the right fly to match the hatch to building ultra light ski mountaineering equipment. I was constantly testing what I built looking for ways to evolve my designs.

As I grew older, this pioneering nature did not die but in fact thrived! From working in sustainable architecture to championing green technologies, I strived to empower people to become stewards of their environment. These experiences taught me that Product Design was a natural choice and direction for my studies. Now, I am able to act as a catalyst to empower and influence many more people in their everyday life, creating the very magic that once captured my imagination.



First, my full name is Philip Isaac Oaks. However, this is far from who I am. Every day, I prefer Isaac - which means laughing, and my dad, being a physicist, made sure it was the same spelling as Isaac Newton. To guide my designs, I researched who I am. From interviewing a range of people, friends and colleagues to mind-map myself over one month.


Synthesis of who I am. Distilling my identity into six key attributes.

Explorer / Atypical / Naturalist / Resourceful / Enabler / Mindful


logo development


final logo


I used the Bryant typeface to start. However, each letter has been modified to fit into a grid. This grid becomes the driver for all the other graphical elements of my design. From the dot matrix on the back of my cover letter and buck slip and is also expressed through the graphical elements. Simple bars connecting the grid creates a sense of mountains, to leading lines guiding the eye through the page. The secondary type I selected was Mrs. Eaves - I did this to create a contrast balance between the very rigid grid logotype and the flowing Mrs. Eaves. This is all printed with only dark blue color on an uncoated antique grey paper.

Now lets go through the experience of the identity. The cover letter, 2nd page and resume employs a lot of the secondary type, please notice how type pared with the color and paper gives an very natural feeling which is reflected through my key traits. To add more energy to the identity, I printed dark blue within hidden areas of the system to not over power the light mindfulness of the identity. You can also see this blue pop in the binding edge of the tear away buck slip and inside the envelope. My business card is designed with the intent of your eye to be rotated around it and on the back are the mountains that I am so fond of.


Stationary Development 

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