before                                                                                                           after

rebranding of sunless tanning 

The Fake Bake logo is a pop culturally driven icon. Because of this, the logo is starting to look dated, as trends change. The logo plays upon sex appeal with silhouettes of women. However, looking at it closer, you start to get the feeling that this is more of a “tramp stamp.” Some strengths of this logo are the bold use of color with glossy packaging, which makes you notice it on the shelf. However most other companies are also employing similar strategies minimizing the effect.

"Self-tanning is much more than Jersey Shore. It can hide blemishes and make you look sexy."  - interview 


faking it

Be honest your faking it! Your faking going to the beach, sailing, skiing or just somewhere nicer than where you are. I live in Los Angeles but I wanted to be skiing, so I faked the classic ski goggle tan line.


mind mapping personal tanning

intrigue, dignity, protect, harmony authentic, reserve, authentic, real genuine, actual, legit, official, true original, pure, factual, faithful, harmony balance, equilibrium, antithesis, empathy, peace, sympathy, tranquility understanding, good will, protect steward, cover, fend, foster, oversee maintain, save, preserve, support sustain, custodian, caretaker, dignity  presence, excellence, nobility, etiquette 

sophistication, class, accomplishment aestheticism, intrigue, appeal, charm excite, enchant, titillate, fascinate, attract enchant, reserve, maintain, preserve self-control, constraint, control, secure  restraint, balanced, equalized, fair stabilized, proud, cavalier, smug superior, pure, clean, authentic, classic clear, flawless, natural, real, simple straight, safe, impervious, invulnerable okay, preserved, protected, secure 

The new FakeBake is:

ALLURING        SAFE        NAUTICAL         PROUD         PURE          BALANCED


FakeBake is a holiday; this revamped experience does not serve as a trip for you but for all the people who see you. Drawing inspiration from the proud yachting culture this safe sunless tanning is pure providing balanced and alluring skin.


logo ideation 


final logo

The logo mark for the re-brand of FakeBake is a star. This is a simplified version of the nautical star that is often believed to be a positive guide for the future. The star can also be an asterisk. The asterisk notifies, you may look tan, but you’re faking it.  

The new FakeBake typeface is based off the Bryant typeface. Editing the “f” to hug the “a” rather than hanging off. The “k” has been edited to blend with the angles of the logo mark. The other letters have been edited to hold their space within the logo mark.


packaging ideation 

Inspired from yachting culture FakeBake transports you to a day out sailing even if it’s just for ten minutes.

graphic application