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Field Testing Prototypes with Families in Altos del Pino

The initial co-created design concepts, first ideated during the field trip, were then developed, reiterated and refined over a 14-week studio at Art Center’s Pasadena campus. This process of development benefited from several guest expert critiques including significant feedback from the Altos del Pino community at the mid-way mark, when several members of the team returned to Colombia to test the prototypes-in-progress with families and get their feedback and suggestions. Given the user-centered approach to this project, field-testing the multiple prototypes was a critical step in the process. The community members helped to define and refine some of the initial assumptions. Friendships were developed and the community members felt there was new hope, possible jobs and an improvement in the quality of life. They also became more invested in the final outcomes and had high expectations of seeing the projects actually come to fruition for them. The high level of confidence that has developed through the interaction of the teams with the community has furthered their hopes that the social entrepreneurial component of projects will help to bring them from survival levels of living to thriving levels. Using the feedback gained from the field tests in Altos del Pino, the design teams increased their efforts to incubate and develop the projects further.  Their final presentations were made in December 2013. Those Project Solutions are presented below.


“I was fortunate to return to Colombia to conduct our second phase of field research. The co-creation model we used pushed each proposal well beyond anything that could have been achieved from California, capturing the true needs and aspirations of the families and confirming the merits of each design. I look forward to working on the next step – a pilot program in Colombia to further test and refine the system.” – Isaac Oaks, Student, Product Design