Hello, my name is Isaac Oaks and welcome to my design portfolio. When I was younger, I was always very inquisitive. I asked why and how, and took everything apart. I wanted to understand the magic within, and to master that magic myself. Growing up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains I was taught to use ingenuity to make something when something was needed, from tying the right fly to match the hatch, to building ultra light ski mountaineering equipment. I was constantly testing what I built looking for ways to evolve my designs.

As I grew older, this pioneering nature did not die but in fact thrived! From working in sustainable architecture to championing green technologies, I strived to empower people to become stewards of their environment. These experiences taught me that Product Design was a natural choice and direction for my studies. And now, I am able to act as a catalyst to empower and influence many more people in their everyday life, creating the very magic that captured my imagination.



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